We offer the following options:

1)   Pick up in store (Free)

2)   $9.50 flat rate Regular Post

3)   $12.50 flat rate Express Post

4)   Balloon Delivery 7 days a week (Minimum order is $50). The Delivery charge is based on  

      the distance of you distance from us, and will be automatically calculated upon checkout.


For Balloon Delivery

1)   Deliveries will be made between 10:00am and 5:00pm.

2)   Deliveries by more specific time is only available by us after check out.

3)   Deliveries to hospital: Some hospital wards have restrictions on the type of gifts permitted.

      Please check with the hospital before ordering, and please provide the ward and room    

      number and have confirmed the patient’s “check in name” for a hospital delivery.  In the

      case that the recipient has been discharged prior to delivery of your gift we will contact

      you for instruction. Re-direction of your gift to an alternate address will incur additional 

      delivery fees.

4)   Deliveries to business: In some cases delivery will be made via reception, a loading dock,

      mail room or similar at the instruction of the company/building management. We takes no

      responsibility after delivery is accepted by building staff.

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